Our products are numerous in application, potential and diversity. But our most important asset is service. Whether it be specifying the right product, delivery when you need it, or utilizing our lab facilities to help solve your problem, service is priority number one at ACA!

To deliver this service, we boast an experienced field sales force. The field force is backed by an "in-house" service group that makes maximum use of state-of-the-art systems. Our computerized system allows us to send and receive information electronically. E-Mail allows us to perform within a totally informed world. Orders can be processed in a matter of seconds. And with our fully computerized control network, we can expedite orders, check stock, or print purchase or shipping orders immediately. 

In today's environment, these qualities are essential, and ACA is equipped and ready!

Hand Sanitizer


Rust Inhibitors

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help keep your employees safe.

Hand San 510D ideal for use outside the washroom to providing hand hygiene at work-point or on the move.

Available in 5 gallon/ 18.9L Pail or 55 gallon/208L Drum.

Faucet included with 5 gallon pail

    Complies with the WHO requirements for an effective hand sanitizer

      Dye Free

       Evaporates quickly

    Contains emollient to protect skin from excess drying

ACA is ready to assist you in this critical area. Whether you're involved in finishing, effluent control, waste disposal, metal blasting, or ultrasonic cleaning as well as conventional parts washing, ACA has the right equipment for all your applications. From small single units to automated or complex custom engineered systems.


Pressure Blast – Wet or Dry; Automatic/Manual Rotary; Feed through

Raytech - Bench Top Small Free Standing   


Bel Air - Bowls (1.5 to 3 CUFT)

Brandon - Tubs & Bowls, Continuous feed (3-32)

Burr Bench - Portable Tubs (.75 to 5 CUFT) High Energy   

High Energy 

Dreher - Centrifugal Barrel Machines

Hutson - Disc Finisher

Sinto - Dry Centrifugal Disc Machines

VL/Rampe - Centrifugal Disc & Barrel Machines   


Standard Agitating & Spray Washers

ESPI - Custom built washers to your specifications

Conveyorized/ Helix - Ultrasonic   


Heated Spin Dryers

ESPI - Custom BuiltDryers - feed through conveyors

Nobles - Heated Spin Dryers, Chip Wringers & Washers

Rosemont - Heated Cob - Bowls & Continuous Feed

Oakland Rampart   

Polishing & Grinding

Bader - Belt Grinders & Polishing Machines (Off hand/ Robotic/ Back stand)

Platen Belt Grinders (bench/floor)

Critz - Centerless Polishers

G & P - Polishing & Buffing Lathes, Belt Grinders & Stroke

Sanders (manual & auto)

Nash - Horizontal/Vertical/Edge Sanders, Rotary Finishers 

ACA has many specialty lines of abrasives that include coated abrasives, tumbling abrasives, grinding wheels, surface conditioning belts and wheels, convolute and unitized wheels, flap discs, quick change discs, cartridge rolls and even abrasive mounted points.

Tumbling Media

Resin Bond

Ceramic Bond

Natural / Random




Form Grinding

Gear Grinding

Surface Grinding

Belts + Rolls + Discs

Robotic Application


Quick Set-up


Aluminum Oxide

Silicon Carbide



NAL 100

NAL 155

NAL 991N

NAL 201




Protectolyn 1410

Protectolyn MC-1