ACA supplies a complete line of contact wheels for off-hand polishing and automation robots. Composition and hardness of wheels vary depending on the application: blend, cut, and stock removal or subsequent operation: satin dull or bright, buffed, etc.

Contact wheels are made from many different products. Rubber, urethane, cotton, leather, felt are some of the more popular. Construction of these contact wheels varies to the operation. Hardness of the contact wheel is also relevant to production as well as finish. Contact wheels can be solid, serrated, fluted, pieced, or woven.

Buff wheels for coloring are manufactured in various sizes. A large selection as found in contact wheels are available: solid, loose, spiral sewed, glued, and airway. Fabrication materials in cotton and felt have many types of cloth treatments. Application of abrasive rouges for finish requires different treatment and hardness.