ACA's finishing compounds are designed for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aircraft materials as well as various aluminum alloys. These compounds can be modified for a variety of finishing tasks. Whether to accelerate stock removal, brighten, burnish, color, deburr, descale, radius, refine or rust protection, ACA's compounds are the right chemistry for the job. Listed below are the main compounds with a application description.


Green syrupy liquid with a mild pleasant odor. It is water soluble. This product was originally developed for high finishing of stainless-steel using steel balls or burnishing media. It is an excellent lubricant and wetter in deburring operations with finishing media.


Light-yellow liquid with a mild and pleasant odor. It is similar to NAL-100 with more surface agents active. It is an excellent cleaner of oils and solubles in deburring operations, or cleaning in vibratory equipment.


Multipurpose product. It is a mildly alkaline, liquid cleanser for power spray washers as well as an excellent cleaner in vibratory applications removing heavily chlorinated and fatty oils. Safe for use on all metals when used as recommended. It is non-corrosive, non-irritating, and biodegradable. It has a combination of high detergency with low alkalinity. Use at lower temperatures when cleaning aluminum. This is an ideal product for machine cleaning as well as floor cleaning.


Clear liquid. It has excellent wetting characteristics which allows it to penetrate tenacious smutty soils and displace them leaving a bright, oxide free surface. It is a mildly acidic cleaner intended to remove soils, oils, and oxides leaving parts bright, white, and smut free; ready for anodizing and painting.


Creamy white colored, dust-less powder developed for burnishing and tubbing. It has foaming and lubricating qualities. Excellent on brass, steel, silver, nickel alloys, and plated parts.


Grayish white free flowing powder designed for deburring, size reducing, radius forming, and blending for finish. It contains wetting agents and detergents to affect a fast, yet clean deburring cycle.


White granular powder designed to separate thin flat pieces. Abrasive breaks down in use allowing for fine finished parts, without impingement or etching.